In the world of IT there are many challenges, most of which need doing NOW!!!

How many time have you heard that from the business, we need this doing, this is not working how long to fix it?

Most of the time you can fix it, sometimes it takes you an age to find the answer.  This is my life as an IT manager and therefore I though I would share the tips and tricks that I have found / continue finding to solve real world problems.

I am in a unique position working for a company that has many diverse technologies and so have exposure to really cool technologies but also much exposure to them when they stop working.

Along with my passion for IT I love to travel the world and will start creating a travel guide for where I have been / going in the world.  Not all IT people are geeks 🙂

Please feel free to use this blog to help you out, but please be careful as not all systems are the same under the covers, where possible I have tried to list the OS and environment. I have used all the scripts and tips is some way so they should work, if you spot a typo or know a better way to do anything then please comment and I will include it in the post.

Good luck with your problem if you have one.  If you have a problem, drop me a comment on the particular area and I will try to help out.