Installing Oracle XE 10g on Debian/Ubuntu

Oracle Xe is a good way to start learning Oracle, it is also needed in some software circles and the database

of choice for example.

There is a brilliant article here that I used to get the database up and running.

If the link is down then a summary is below:

Basic requirements

– Debian based host (32 bit) with minimum 4GB of free space for oracle data + 500Mb for package installation. – Min. 1Gb of ram.

1) As always start up by adding additional lines to sources.list and update package list:

# echo "deb unstable main non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
# apt-get update

2) Installation now may begin with installing following 2 packages from freshly updated list:

# apt-get install oracle-xe-client 
# apt-get install oracle-xe

3) Installation is now completed. Please notice runtime kernel parametar changes: `cat /etc/sysctl.conf`. Proceed further with configuration – just accept defaults – and enter password for SYS and SYSTEM accounts:

# sh /etc/init.d/oracle-sh configure

That’s it. Oracle listener should be up and running on socket 1521: `lsof -n -i TCP:1521`, with web configuration console attached to your loopback device `firefox` – this is a default installation.

Just note, that the database will not allow only allow webadmin from the localhost, therefore you need to open the web manager up, administtraion and allow no localhost connections.


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