Shutdown non responding VMware Guest

Sometimes a VMware Guest can get stuck shutting down and will show 95% on the GUI console.

You need to shut this down via the CLI if this is the case.

See this post for the basics of how to do this tip use

vmware-cmd /path to vmx file   stop (hard)

If you get an error and the server will not shut down then a more radical process is needed.

Your error may be something like this

VMControl error -999: Unknown error: SoapError: ServerFaultCode(0) : (Operation failed since another task is in progress.)

Logon to the server.

cd /tmp

vm-support -x

This will produce a list of currently running VMware servers make a note of the vmid

vm-support -X vmid_no from above

Answer no to the first question and then yes to everything else.  This will create dump files and backups, the net result though is that it will shut the server down.

Remember to delete all the bits of folders and files from the tmp directory.

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