Mulitple SSL Certificates

Wow what a past few days, we just launched another web site that needed SSL.

The platform is IIS7 so of course this has cause some problems.  It turns out that you can not have two SSL certificates on one server.

To get arround this you need a SAN certificate. We use Verisign, the details can be found here

The installation of the certificate is then eventful.  You install the certificate in the normal fashion here are some easy steps if you are not familiar.

The trick then is to to install the certificate for the other web site.  This can not be done via the GUI though.

Open a command line and navigate to


This is the default location change this if your server is different.

appcmd set site /”The name of the web site” /+bindings.[protocol=’https’,bindingInformation=’*:443:Web site address’]

This is all one line, stop the web site and restart.  The certificate should now be installed




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