Create an RPM build environment

I am trying to get the Java onto a Centos 5.5 server. The rpm install appears to work but when trying to get a particular app to install it fails.

I then came accross the Centos Wiki on how to install it.

The front end to this though is building an envronment to build the rpm.

NOTE: you will need another user for part of this process setup as rpmbuild should not be done as root.

The full instructions can be found here

As root

yum install -y rpm-build gcc gcc-c++ redhat-rpm-config
yum install jpackage-utils

As not root user

mkdir -p ~/rpmbuild/{SOURCES,SRPMS,SPECS,RPMS,tmp,BUILD}

This creates the build environment. See here for the java build but it will give you an idea of what is required.


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