Bulk Loading into infiniDB

The bulk loader from infinDB is pretty fasty, I loaded 1.8 million records in 62 seconds not bad going.  Their PDF instructions are pretty comprehensive so here is just a snippet to get you started and having a go.


You must first create an XML file based on the table you want to load to, then you issue the import command. EASY 🙂

This is based on a standard install in the default locations

cd /usr/local/Calpont/bin/

./colxml schema_name -t table_name -d ‘delimiter’ -l textfilename_that_will_be_imported -j job_id


./colxml pentaho -t dim_customer_details_tab -d ‘;’ -l customer_details.txt -j 1000


The text file to be imported must resided in the fillowing area



To then import the file

cd /usr/local/Calpont/bin/

./cpimport -j Job_Id from above


./cpimport -j 1000




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