Bulk loading into MySQL

Mysql bulk loadint is pretty cool to, the reference for this can be found here, as always though I just want the bit to get t working.


I am using Linux Centos 5.6 mysql version ?????

The text file needs to be stored in the schema directory, in this example I am uploading to the pentaho schema and therefore my path is /u10/mysql/pentaho/

The command is therefore as follows

 mysql -e schema_name -e “load data infile ‘name_of _file_to_import‘ into mysql_table fields terminated by ‘delimiter‘ ingnore number of lines lines”

The ignore number of lines is only needed if there is a header etc…



 mysql pentaho -e “load data infile ‘fact_sales_history_statistics.txt’ replace into table fact_sales_history_statistics fields terminated by ‘;’ ignore 1 lines”








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