How to change wordpress upload limit from 2MB

The WordPress upload limit when hosting your own site is set to 2MB, this is also probably the case if you have a hosted site as well, I am sure you guys will let me know.

This I have found out (much searching) is down to the php.ini config.

There are many posts out there that try to give you instructions on what to do, but they always missed something, I came accross this post from bh_wp_fan that put me on the right path.


vi /etc/php.ini


Find the lines upload_max_filesize, and post_max_size

Alter these to what every you want and away you go. There are a few more tips so by the poster so if need any help I would drop on this section.


Would have loved to say that I found that out by myself but, bot this time 🙂



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