How to embed a video in WordPress blog

I am just starting you an internal blog site for various parts of the organisation to allow them to disseminate information to the masses, one of the requirements was to embed video into the blog.


This is done via a plugin, which I would presume there are many, the one that I have found and works brilliantly is from here

The instructions are really easy.

Tip the plugins folder is usually found /var/www/html/XXXX/wp-content/plugins

Where XXXX is the name of the folder that you created to hold the WordPress install (in a single site usually WordPress)


Just remember that after you have you loaded the folder, ssh onto the server and navigate to the plugins folder and then

chown -R apache:apache embedded-video-with-link/


Follow the rest of the instructions and you will have a new plugin Icon when composing your posts


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