Change Sugar CRM URL

I have just installed Sugar CRM in the Amazon cloud. More about the Amazon cloud will be coming in later in Amazon section.

The main issue that I had was that the URL is that of the server and I needed it to be the URL of the ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) in other words the URL was set to the hostname of the server.

To change this is relatively simple.

Navigate to


where XXXX is the directory where your Sugar installation is.

Edit the config.php file with your favourite editor and locate the hostname variable. Change this to what ever URL that you want, typically the CNAME entry from your DNS records.

A word of warning make sure you DNS is updated and proper-gated before change this setting.

Restart the HTTPD service and you should have the correct URL in place.

The steps

cd /var/www/html/XXXX

cp config.php config.php_DDMMYY

(sudo) vi config.php

Change the Host_name variable

Change the site_url variable

Then either

service httpd restart


./etc/init.d/httpd restart


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