Convert and mount bin & cue file

I have a bin and cue file that I need to mount in Linux, there is probably a way to do this but the way that I found was to convert the file to an iso and then mount it. This was done on Fedora Core 16 but will work on others distro’s I am sure.

To install

sudo yum install bchunk

To convert the files

bchunk image.bin image.cue image.iso

Then to mount the ISO in linux you run the command:

sudo mkdir /mnt/images

sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 image.iso /mnt/images


2 Comments on “Convert and mount bin & cue file”

  1. I have using Power ISO a image creation tool since many years that help me a lots in such a way to create manage and modify or convert all type of images.

  2. Albert says:

    sound interesting thing, i would like to add another software that is PowerISO. it also helps to create bootable cd/usb.

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