Using Amazon SES service as email server Oracle APEX

As we run most of our environment in Amazon AWS it would be stupid not to use their email servers to send email from the APEX applications. The cost is not much and the service is very reliable.


You will need a working SES configuration.  As with all AWS services there is a brilliant guide  Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Documentation

But as per usual just to get you up and running and to put it into some context then you can follow this guide

Login to your AWS account and choose the SES service.

The first thing to do is to verify your domain and an email address.

You will need access to your DNS records for Domain verification


To verify you email address

You will be a sent and email, just click on the link it is that easy 🙂

The domain verification is a bit harder, not that hard though


Click on Verify this domain

You will be presented with the details of the DNS entry that you are required to enter into your records. I can not talk you through this as all DNS servers and vendors  are different. But it is usually very straight forward, in fact many ISP have a hostmaster team that will do this for you.

Once you have added these entries it is time to create the user that will be used for for authentication to the SMTP server.

Click on SMTP Settings


Make a note of the Server Name as you will need this later, press the Create My SMTP Credentials

This will create a new IAM user for the SMTP service, press the create button


This will create the SMTP username and password that you will require in the Apex Email configuration. (I deleted this account straight after I created it)

DO NOT looses these details and you can not get the username and password back, you have to delete the IAM user and start again.

You are now ready to configure the APEX installation.


Manage Instance

Instance Settings

Find the email settings area

Enter the details based on the credentials and settings that you have generated. The example below is based on the settings that were created in this example.



Note that Amazon requires SSL/TLS authentication.


One Comment on “Using Amazon SES service as email server Oracle APEX”

  1. Shawn Bonham says:

    I am having issues trying to get APEX talk to A-SES. Can I keep getting ORA-28862: SSL connection failed error. Would you be able to make some suggestions?

    I have not set up a domain in A-SES yet and I am still in sandbox. Should this matter?

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