Amazon AWS Mysql Database Full

Arrrgghhhh our web site decided to fill the 5GB database it uses !!!!!!!

When you use the AWS console you get the following error

The specified database instance is currently in the storage-full state. The only modification permitted on a database instance in this state is an increase …”

You have to use the RDS command line tools, you can see how to install them in my riveting post 🙂 Change the max_allowed_packet Amazon RDS

Once installed and working make a note of the database instance either using the management console or use


Issue this command to increase the size of the database to 10GB, XXXXXXXXX is the database instance name

rds-modify-db-instance XXXXXXXX --allocated-storage 10 --apply-immediately

Once the process was started it took about 10 minutes for the database to increase in size and be back on line.

Good luck with yours !!!!



3 Comments on “Amazon AWS Mysql Database Full”

  1. Max says:

    You can do this resize from the console as well now, however, take the 10 minutes with a pinch of salt, I have seen even relatively small MySQL databases take an hour or more after a resize.

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