FileZilla Client Through an Ironport Proxy Appliance

A while ago I had to get this working and never told anyone about it. No doubt I will have to do it again at some point, so though I would just jot it down.


The issue is the way that the FileZilla client authenticates with the proxy devices. I can not remember where I read this but some wise person wrote about it.


Anyway there are two stages to this, ensuring the proxy appliance is set up correctly and then configuring the FileZilla client.


In Iron Port you need to setup the FTP proxy correctly, below is the area that you need to configure.


Pick FTP Proxy



Then enter the following details







You can use any port just make a note as you will need this for the FileZilla client setup


The FileZilla client is fairly easy. Open the client and settings, in the FTP section pick FTP Proxy and enter your details.



Note the Proxy host is as per the standard x.x.x.x:8021

The code for the passing of parameters is

USER %u@%s@%h
PASS %p@%w


You should now have a working FileZilla client 🙂




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  1. Thanks for finally talking about >FileZilla Client Through an Ironport Proxy Appliance | The Survival Guides’s
    Blog <Loved it!

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