Display exception messages

OK when you write a PLSQL procedure or function you should trap for exceptions.

Sometimes you might want to display these exceptions to the user. In this example it is the logging into the application and displaying if the user is locked.

So here is the snipped of the PLSQL code. Do not worry about what it is doing the main line is highlighted

if v_locked = 'N' then
 v_authenticated := authenticate_password(p_username => p_username,p_password => p_password);

 apex_util.set_session_state('LOGIN_MESSAGE','Your account is currently locked');

 return false;

 end if;

The important part here is the LOGIN_MESSAGE this will be used later on.


OK now go to the APEX application and open the application in question that you want to add a message to

There are a few screen grabs to make the teach in a bit easier

Please note that LOGIN_MESSAGE is used throughout and when creating the region the source is &LOGIN_MESSAGE.

Please take note of the . after MESSAGE.


Create the application item first


Now create a region


Testing the application


There is more to come, I am just getting started. This may not be the best way to do things but it is a start 🙂








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