Creating Desktop short cuts with GPO

OK, some times I hate Windows, there is not consistency, but I suppose if there was we would be out of a job :).


OK creating a desktop short cut and publishing via GPO is pretty easy there are loads of articles in Google ( , and the reason you have landed here is because you are getting the following error.

The computer ‘Task Name’ preference item in the ‘Test Policy {BACD99EF-75BF-496E-8FDD-BDC3704DBB1D}’ Group Policy object did not apply because it failed with error code ‘0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.’ This error was suppressed.)

Below is a screen shot of what the parameters should look like for publishing Word, but it is pretty much the same for any application.



What you need to look out for is two things :-


  • The target path should not be encapsulated as you would do in many areas of Windows.
    • e.g. “C:\program files\”  should just be C:\program files
  • Ensure that you enter a start in location, this is the same as the target path excluding the application reference.





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