Alternative to Splunk

After having a few issues, I thought it should be time to get a central logging system in place. So Google to the rescue once more. I have come across a few and I will keep adding them to the following list.


This is more an aide de memoire so that I can pick this up when I get more time.


Graylog2 – this looks a good option

Fluentd – the combination of a few bits will give you what you want, the looks to be a good


OpenTSDB – not sure about this one, looks interesting though


Logstash – Again looks interesting


Any way I will let you know more as I install them




3 Comments on “Alternative to Splunk”

  1. Neil Avery says:

    You could try – it is worth a spin.

  2. If you want an easy to install system, you could try Nagios Log Server which uses logstash and Elasticsearch but has a GUI configuration management and alerting and more. On top of that it comes with authentication which is missing in elasticsearch/logstash.

  3. Danielle says:

    You may find real user reviews of Splunk alternatives on IT Central Station to be helpful:

    Users interested in Splunk also read reviews for LogRhythm. This user wrote, “”We also evaluated Splunk, and we chose LogRhythm as the correlation rules performed it handled clients on DHCP better.” You can read the rest of his review, as well as learn what others have to say about LogRhythm, here:

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