HP ILO Reset

This serves me right for trusting 3rd party support companies, I set all of our ILO’s up handed it over and the first thing they did was to reset the passwords.


We have now parted company and of course we can not access our ILO.


So how do you do it. There are loads of bits out there. The HP site is particularly useless as the links are broken !!!!!!!!


So after much routing around and piecing bits together you get the following :-


This is for a linux stack but as long as you can find the .exe version it is exactly the same.

The first thing is to track down the rpm file.


Find your current flavour and then find the hponcfg rpm file

For me it was


Download it and install it as you would any rpm file

cd /opt
wget http://downloads.linux.hp.com/SDR/repo/mcp/CentOS/5.9Server/x86_64/current/hponcfg-4.3.0-0.x86_64.rpm
rpm -i hponcfg-4.3.0-0.x86_64.rpm

No you have to create a xml file.

vi Administrator_reset_pw.xml


<ribcl VERSION="2.0">
 <login USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="boguspassword">
 <user_INFO MODE="write">
 <mod_USER USER_LOGIN="Administrator">
 <password value="New_password"/>


Set the password to what you want obviously 🙂


Now issue the command

 hponcfg -f Administrator_reset_pw.xml /I log2.txt > log.txt


You should now have reset your password




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