Sharing Raspberry Pi Disk With Mac

Here is how to share your raspberry pi disk whether internal or external USB device with your Mac book

We are going to use is the Netatalk

For all the commands you can either use sudo at the front or as I prefer which is not recommended just switch to root


sudo su

Step 1: Installation

From a terminal window on your PI

apt-get update
apt-get install netatalk

Step 2: Configuration

Stop the service:

systemctl stop  netatalk

Open the configuration file:

vi /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default

You can edit the mount folder if you wish or leave the default value:

~/ “Home Directory”

You will find these settings at the bottom of the file

Start the service again

systemctl start  netatalk

Step 3: Open the Finder

Open the Finder on your mac and you will be able to see the raspberry pi with a few seconds in the Navigation Pane.

Use the button “Connect As…” at the right top of the Finder.

The default user is pi and the password is raspberry

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